My Journey – Early years to 2012 (fasten your seatbelts – it is a long one!)

I hope that by sharing my journey to holistic health and truth my experiences may resonate with some people and help them in their journeys!

Ever since I was little I have always had a fascination with crystals and New Age shops. But my particular Holistic journey I think began in 1997 when I began practicing Yoga. Over the following few years I became quite interested in aromatherapy too and having been diagnosed with depression around this time, I was offered some reflexology to help as I did not feel comfortable with taking anti-depressants. I knew nothing of refelexology at this time but found my sessions an absolutely wonderful experience and they really helped me on many levels.

During this time I was experiencing emotional turmoil as I knew deep down that my marriage was irretrevably breaking down and I would soon become divorced and face being a single mum with 2 young children through no fault of my own. As negative as this seemed at the time, when I finally built up the courage to bring the situation to an end and face the inevitable, I very quickly realised that I had in fact been freed and this served as such a positive catalyst which propelled me into my awakening. I continued with the reflexology, and also started to became fascinated with the Tarot.

In 2000 I had a very accurate and detailed Tarot reading and was told that I would read for people myself in the future so I invested in some Tarot cards and set about offering free readings for friends and family, but despite doing many distant readings which I was told were accurate and helpful, I never quite built up the confidence to leave the instruction book behind and give 1-2-1 readings in person. I met some really lovely people and had some inspirational experiences when things would just seem to fall into place or happen for a reason  in my time as a single mum, and I realise now the value of each of them as they all played a crucial part in my awakening. It was less than a year later that I would meet my true love and soul mate Lloyd.

Shop Holistic!
Lloyd and I both played parts in each other’s awakening, introducing each other to various different things and giving each other the confidence to explore our new interests. Still everything kept falling into place as if they were meant to be and we noticed things like recurring significant numbers, words and other signs that we were on the right path. After the birth of our daughter, Lloyd started Yoga with me and we both became increasingly interested in alternative and natural health, but generally found the products and therapies too expensive to try. In 2004 I had a dream that led me to start up Shop Holistic in my spare time, but within a month our website became so busy that Lloyd had to give up his programming job to help me cope with orders! After a few months we rented our first shop premises to separate work from home!

Reiki & Angels
In early 2005 I felt guided to do Reiki (despite knowing nothing about it) and I became a Reiki Master/Teacher by the end of the year. This led me to become interested in Angel work, so I received some Angel attunements from my Reiki Master. I had some very powerful spiritual experiences both during and after my distant Angel attunements and one in particular. I had a dream that I was talking to 2 huge beings who both glowed white, they told me their names “Cor—-lia” and “Serpais Brim?” I didn’t quite understand the names and never heard of them before, but they gave me advice which was really relevant at the time. I remembered the next morning that I had received a sample Angel Card pack to see if I wanted to sell them in the shop.  The pack was the Ascended Masters of the Light Oracle cards. I felt the impulse to open them and in the pack were 2 cards next to each other: “Serapis Bey” and “Cordelia” – WOW! This gave me a lot more confidence in my spiritual abilities, so I began offering Tarot readings at our shop. At my first appointment I took out my Tarot cards and felt an overwhelming urge to use the Angel cards instead. Not knowing really what I was doing I asked my client if she wanted an Angel reading instead and if she didn’t like it she didn’t have to pay. The reading went really well (especially considering I hadn’t even seen most of the cards before!), and my client was very happy to pay me! So that was my decision to offer Angel Guidance readings instead of Tarot!

Also during 2005 I enrolled on a Hatha Yoga Teaching diploma. I recognised that Yoga was such an important part of my life and I couldn’t find a class that suited my Yoga needs, so I thought I’d make my own class! I wanted to share my spiritual way of Yoga with others and was also more and more interested in the cleansing techniques used in Yoga as I had been doing a lot of research on toxins, detoxing and the effects on our health. I worked very hard on the Yoga diploma and passed in late 2006. During this time I also had a major operation on my stomach, whereby a lot of my stomach muscle was taken away and reconstructed which made it very difficult for me to do some Yoga postures, especially the back bending ones that caused my skin on my stomach to overstretch!

In 2007  I took a call in the shop from a doctor called Dr David Lewis (ex TV-am psychologist) who was recording a DVD about a stress-relief programme he had devised called Bo-tau (Breath Optimised Transformation And Unblocking). He had purchased some neti pots from us and asked me if I would consider appearing on his DVD to talk about neti pots and demonstrate using one. This was such an honour but I was very scared so I hesitated but in the end agreed to do it. The DVD was recorded in Eastbourne so we went on a family camping trip there and I spent the day recording an interview, neti cleansing demonstration and also a breathing exercise called Nadi Sodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing). It was an amazing experience and there are photos of the filming in the gallery section. I felt like a star all day, even having my hair done and make up touched up before every take!

Therapies, Retreats & Buddhism
We had opened a therapy centre above our shop and this gave me the opportunity to run Angel, Reiki and Meditation workshops. I also had the chance to experience many different therapies for myself. I decided to take on some emotional healing through Hypnotherapy and found this to be hugely beneficial in my journey to inner peace and helped me to have a better understanding of how our mind works. I started to offer Reiki Healing in the Centre, and began running Yoga & Healing retreats at a local Buddhist Centre, and Yoga classes at another Buddhist Centre.

Candida & Nutritional Therapy
However I noticed my health was starting to decline. I had become a vegetarian a few years previous and yet I noticed my weight increasing, my energy levels dropping and certain foods making me swell and even fall asleep straight after eating them. My head was becoming foggy and I was becoming forgetful and just not right at all. A kinesiologist who came to practice in our therapy centre gave me a free session and told me about dowsing my foods to see if I was sensitive to anything. She also told me about candida. I dowsed the foods in my cupboard and found everything that gave a positive result contained wheat and sugar. I did some research and did the candida spit test – to my horror the test was a very definite positive. The rest is in “My Candida Story”. After I had completed the first 8 months anti candida plan I had another kinesiology session at a health show. The therapist told me I was no longer intolerant to any foods and my candida was at a normal level. She also told me I had a sticky Illeocecal Valve (the valve that goes from your small to your large intestine) and that my problems with swelling could actually be down to the food not being able to get through rather than an allergy or intolerance and showed me a chiropractic movement of manually resetting the valve.

Of course I took this as a green light to eat what I wanted again and it is no surprise to say that 6 months later my symptoms had returned. I had my blood analysed with microscopy and actually saw through the microscope the yeast cells in the blood that was taken from my little finger. Imagine what my gut was like! I tried going back on the anti candida plan but failed, and I felt that something was wrong, that the plan didn’t suit me now as I had moved on from it.

I spent a couple of years trying this and that, not being strong enough to stick to anything properly. I recognised I was on a spiral of negativity and needed to do something! So I enrolled on a Nutritional Therapy diploma. I thought if I understood things a bit better I could help myself! I became qualified in 2011. The first thing I learned was the blood typing and metabolic typing diets. Both of these indicated that I needed to eat meat, maybe this was a big part of my problem? There is more information on my path from vegetarianism to eating meat in my article “The Veggie Debate” but it was a very tough decision and one I sought counsell from some Buddhist monks and even a Lama, as I had become increasingly interested in Buddhism due to my involvement with both Buddhist Centres.

At the same time as enrolling on Nutritional Therapy I decided to study Homeopathy. I had become increasingly interested with this and used remedies a lot at home. Having had some really positive effects I felt that this would be a great therapy to be able to share and help people with. I qualified in November 2012. I have tried assessing my own problems with the intention of using homeopathy alongside the diet and lifestyle change, however I am so close to the problem it proved that I couldn’t see the wood for the trees!

Truth & Health Freedom
I have always had a keen interest in conspiracy theories and was a big fan of X Files in its hey day, but it had only really been an interest, and not really a belief. I was aware of the corruption in animal testing, but I suppose I thought that this was isolated cases and not part of a corruption on a much larger scale. Then, while researching natural health and products for our shop around 2005, I came across Dr Mercola, a US doctor who had an immense website with articles regarding the alternative views of health. I quickly realised that his views were not ‘alternative’ but more exposing the research and issues that impact our health that have been hidden or manipulated by the mainstream to the favour of massive corporations that would stand to lose millions, if not billions, if the truth were to come out. One particular article that stood out was the controversy regarding ASPARTAME, the highly toxic artificial sweetener. We were horrified that this level of corruption even existed (little did we know that this is the norm in the corporate and political world!). We set about putting information on our website, including it in our newsletters, putting up posters and basically telling everyone we knew about this toxic poison that is in so many of our foods and drinks. We also started spreading awareness of stevia, a herbal sweetener that was so unfairly banned in th UK at the time. This is probably what started to open our eyes a little to the corruption around us. Maybe the next part of our awakening wouldn’t have hit us so hard (or we may have even dismissed it) if we hadn’t opened our minds after learning of aspartame and stevia.

At the beginning of 2009 we had a family holiday to Florida. We returned to an email from a fellow therapist regarding Codex Alimentarius, a major threat to our freedom of health choices. We went along to a public talk by Ian R Crane and Scott Tips and were absolutely horrified at the information we received on that night. Not only did we learn about Codex and the erosion of our health choices by ‘Big Pharma’ et al, and how GM foods were threatening the future of organic foods, but also Ian briefed us on the plan of the New World Order and the corruption in the elite families and other covert groups that believe themselves to be the rulers of our world.  Scott introduced the suggestion that Cancer was not what it seemed and there were supressed natural cures, and also the dangers of fluoride.  There was also the suggestion that 9/11 was an inside job. We had always thought 9/11 was not as it seemed but I guess we had too much faith in humanity to think that anyone would be capable of attacking their own people. The idea of the ruling elite and coporate agenda was secondary at this time to the impact that the Big Pharmaceutical and Medical industries were going to have on our health and freedom of choices. Realising they were in it for profit, control and not the health and good of all was a huge shock to say the least.

Our world, beliefs, faith and everything came crashing down and we spent a few days, even weeks, in a state of non-belief. The more we learned the more we were fearful of ours and our children’s future. But within a month or so we quickly snapped out of it as we realised that this information was not something to fear or feed negative energy to, it was something to give some positive action to. We and set to work getting the information out there as much as we could. We joined with the National Health Federation and helped with a few things such as websites etc, and continued to research for ourselves and attend talks. We actually did 3 public talks of our own trying to get the word out there as to what was happening. In this time we learned of the other controversial topics such as 9/11, 7/7, and other flase flag attacks, political agendas like the New World Order in more depth, mind control, chemtrails, the ‘illuminati’ and many other controversial topics, however it all pretty much stayed in the physical sense for now. We were very careful not to hold on to the knowledge with fear but with wisdom, channeling the energy into doing something positive for each new issue we learned about to protect ourselves and families from it such as stocking up on food, building a chembuster, boycotting products that were ultimately owned by corrupt corporations like Monsanto, Unilever, etc. This is very important – we must not be fearful but wise and positively active!

In early 2011 we attended a truth event in Ireland.  Scott Tips, president of the NHF, asked us to be executive directors of the UK branch. We agreed to cover Wales as we were afraid the whole of the UK would be too much work. Along with the NHF we continued our research and set up a UK campaign to inform parents and schools of aspartame and get it out of our schools. We held monthly information meetings for members and one person in particular had been researching for quite a while on the darker spiritual side of the occult, symbolisms and mind control programmes like MK Ultra. At first we didn’t really think much of it all apart from an interesting conspiracy, but then we started to notice things ourselves. So we started to become interested in the ‘mind’ side of things and were so shocked by what we discovered. A friend of mine told me about the logical fallacies and advised that we learned them as protection from media manipulation and propaganda. We bought some books, including a children’s book so we could teach them to our children too (The Fallacy Detective). Extremely well worth learning these!!

The War for our Minds
We decided in early 2012 to leave the NHF for a few reasons, but we still wholeheartedly support them in their fight at the Codex Alimentarius meetings. But we continued our personal campaigning to spread awareness. We then met Brian Gerrish who was investigating the South Wales young suicides. He told us of a suspected mind control programme in the South Wales area, in particular in schools and some youth groups, and we started to realise that all this and more was happening on our doorstep. He also told us of Common Purpose which linked in with this mind control programme and some of the techniques used like NLP and I realised that myself and many people I knew had all been Common Purpose victims in one way or another. Many things I had been involved with in the past were highlighted as being targeted such as Scouting, banking, government sponsored training courses such as assertiveness, etc. It shook me up to think I had probably been an unknown victim to these mind control techniques but it all made sense to me now. I knew it was right. Our eldest child decided to leave school based upon Brian’s research and we found a Steiner School for our youngest and offered home education to our middle child who was too old for the Steiner School. My mind had also been opened to the more deeper darker spiritual side of the truth, to some extent, and whereas I dismissed things like occult and Satanic worship in the past as something much too far fetched, I began to realise that everything I had learned actually boiled down to a fight between good and evil on many levels, and just because we don’t believe in something like Satanism, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening as someone out there does believe and is practising it. I then felt drawn to buying David Icke’s book ‘Remember Who you Are’ – an amazing book! I have also seen some of David’s talks and I must say what he says about consciousness really resonates with me as this really ties in with my beliefs and what I have learned about through my Yoga studies.

Another New Paradigm – the German New Medicine 
After a journey through breast cancer in 2016, and a subsequent scare in 2018, I was sent anonymously a link to information in response to a shop newsletter. This information was about the suppressed scientific research called German New Medicine which proves without doubt that everything we thought we knew about disease and cancer is wrong, that this knowledge is based upon the false premise that these are malfunctions of our body and nature attacks itself if we do not intervene. GNM proves without doubt that so-called diseasesare actually biological programmes that run to help us through times of distress for our survival. This caused me to unlearn much of what I’d learnt and another massive paradigm shift occurred!

Monthly Meetings
Feeling increasingly isolated by the many truths we were learning, and increasingly frustrated at the emptiness of online activism, Lloyd and I decided to start a local group who would meet regularly to share information and solutions with each other and support each other. This has led to making some dear friends who are on the same wavelength as us and is going really well!

I guess at some point I must have taken the red pill – I wonder where I would be now if I had taken the blue pill?

So, my awakening continues….

Here is a list of some of the books that have played a major part in my journey:

Secrets of Planet Earth – Tony Neate

Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramhansa Yogananda

Living Dharma – Lama yeshe Losal Rinpoche

Remember Who You Are – David Icke

The Universe in a Single Atom – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Health and Nutrition Secrets – Russell L Blaylock MD

The Fallacy Detective by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn

Freedom is More Than a 7-Letter Word – Veronica of the family Chapman

Puzzling People, the Labyrinth of the Psychopath – Thomas Sheridan

Alec Harris, the Full Story of his remarkable physical mediumship – Louie Harris

How to See Yourself As You Really Are – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

The Power – Rhonda Byrne