Metabolic Typing Questionnaire

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Anger and Irritability

If you feel angry, irritable or moody for no apparent reason, which statement best applies to you?


If you have a tendency to worry or feel anxious, please state which foods help you to calm down.

Eating heavy food before bed

How does eating heavy foods before bed affect you? Heavy foods are foods such as meat, cheese, nuts, etc.

Ideal Breakfast

What is your ideal choice of breakfast to give you the most energy, satisfy your hunger the longest and make you feel the best?

Eating before bed

How does eating before bed affect you?

Preferred Meal Choice

What is your ideal choice of meal (ignoring any health issues!)


How does the climate effect you?

Chest Pressure

Please say whether you ever experience a pressure feeling in your chest like a weight, that can effect your ability to breathe.


Organic ground coffee is actually very good for some types. How does coffee affect you?

Appetite at breakfast

What is your appetite generally like at breakfast?

Appetite at lunch

What is your appetite generally like at lunch time?

Appetite at dinner

What is your appetite generally like at dinner time?


Food can have a profound affect on your concentration. Which foods have a negative affect on your concentration?


Do you tend to cough without having a cold or cough or chest condition?

Cracking Skin

Disregarding known skin conditions, do you suffer from cracking skin, generally at your fingernails or feet? This can feel worse at night or after eating.


If you have food cravings which foods do you tend to crave? (This disregards the obvious choices of addictive sugar & chocolate!)


Do you tend to have problems with dandruff (flaky scalp)


If you suffer from depression or depressive symptoms, how does food generally affect you?


What is your opinion on eating desserts after meals?

Dessert preference

what is your favourite kind of dessert? (Ice-cream is left out as this would be a very popular answer!)

Eating light food before bed

How does eating light food before bed affect you? Light foods are foods such as carbohydrates like toast, cereal, fruit or bread.

Ideal Dinner

Which type of food would you choose to last you through the evening and make you feel good?

Ear colour

Please select the appropriate statement of your ear colour compared to your skin tone:

Eating sweets before bed

If you can usually eat sweets and sugars (i.e. you are not diabetic or have known candida overgrowth problems), then how does eating sugary foods at bedtime affect you?

Eating frequency

How often do you need to eat each day for optimum well-being? (This is not what you are taught but how YOU feel)

Eating habits

What is your general attitude to food?

Eye moisture

Which of these best describes your eyes?

Skipping meals

If you skip a meal, how does it affect you?

Facial colouring

How would you describe your facial skin colour?

Facial complexion

How would you describe your facial complexion?

Fatty food

How much do you like fatty foods in general? (Please do not let incorrect public opinion that fatty foods are bad sway your answer!)

Fingernail thickness

How would you describe the thickness of your fingernails?

Fruit salad lunch

How do you feel after eating a fruit salad with a little yoghurt or cottage cheese for lunch?

Gaining weight

Which foods generally cause you to gain weight?

Gag reflex

How sensitive would you describe your gag reflex?

Goose bumps

Are you prone to goose bumps?

Energy boosters

What kind of foods boost your energy?

Heavy fat meal reaction

How do you feel after eating fat, or a high fatty meal?

Hunger feelings

What hunger symptoms do you generally experience?

Energy drain

Which types of foods reduce your energy levels?

Insect bites

How do bites or stings from insects affect you?


Do you ever suffer from waking in the night and have to eat to get back to sleep?

Itching eyes

Do you tend to suffer from itching eyes without any cause (e.g. allergy)?

Itching skin

Do you tend to suffer from itching skin with no cause (e.g. allergy, rash, etc.)?

Meal portions

Think of the size of meal when you eat out as a guide. How much do you eat in comparison to others?

Nose moisture

What best describes your nose moisture?

Fruit juice between meals

How do you react to drinking a glass of fruit juice when you are hungry?


How would you describe yourself from the following:


How do you feel about potatoes (putting aside any preconceptions about whether they are good or bad for you)?

Red meat

When you eat red meat how do you feel afterwards? (put aside any beliefs you may have about whether red meat is good or bad for you!)

Pupil size

Look in the mirror in an average light and notice the size of your pupils (the black centre of your eye) in relation to the width of your iris, from the pupil to the outer edge of the iris (the coloured part). Which of these is correct for you?

Salad for lunch

If you ate a large vegetarian salad for lunch how would this affect you during the afternoon?

Saliva quantity

Which of these statements applies to you?

Salty foods

How do you feel about salt(putting aside your belief that it is good or bad for you)?


Assuming you have 3 meals a day, how often do you need to snack?

Snack preference

Which type of snack do you prefer that give you favourable affects?


Do you sneeze without a reason (such as allergy, cold, etc.)?


How would you describe your natural tendency to mix with people?

Sour foods

Do you like sour foods, such as lemon juice, vinegar, sauerkraut or pickles?

Physical and mental stamina

Which type of food keeps you mentally alert and physically energetic for longer before you feel tired?

Consuming sweets

How do you react when you eat something sweet by itself?

Meat for breakfast

How do you feel after you have had meat for breakfast?

Red meat for lunch

How do you feel after eating meat for lunch?

Red meat for dinner

How do you feel after having red meat for dinner?

Dinner preference

If you were travelling for example, and had to go a long way before your next meal, what dish from these options would you choose to eat beforehand to ensure you lasted until you stopped again?