Below are some products that I have written/recorded myself.

Please note: If you attend one of my talks, book launches, visit my shop or see me at an event I am able to offer my CD & book at a reduced price of £20 when bought together.

Holistic Well-being: A Paradigm Shift (Nourish your BODY, Free your MIND, Awaken your SPIRIT)

A comprehensive and common-sense guide to Nutrition, Natural Health and Holistic Living covering a candid view of many controversial subjects.

The second edition is over 500 pages and contains 92 chapters (5 additional to the first edition) on subjects from nutrition to logical thinking, from Yoga to spirituality. It attempts to cut through mainstream corporate health propaganda which makes looking after our own health so confusing. In addition Danielle offers a balanced and common sense approach which helps to find balance between extremism, focusing on what she believes is really important.

It contains a vast range of subjects with information on all aspects of holistic health, including how our holistic well-being is compromised on a daily basis. There is well-researched ‘cutting edge’ health information based not only upon her own studies, client and customer feedback and her own experience, but through well-respected nutritional doctors and researchers.

Danielle’s openness to political and corporate issues helps the reader to understand the bigger picture of why dangerous products are available to us in the first place and provides useful solutions to not only protect yourself and your loved ones, but ways in which you can help contribute towards a better future for all of us.

The book includes 27 images, many of which are by brilliant political artist David Dees.

The book is split into 11 sections:
Nourish your Body, Nutrition & Supplementation, Detox & Body Cleansing, Avoiding Toxins in Everyday Life, Natural Remedies, Common Conditions & Diseases, Holistic Therapies, Physical Exercise & Yoga, Free your Mind, Awaken your Spirit, Conclusion/Connecting the Dots AND the Second Edition now contains 5 new chapters: Allergy Reversal, Emotional Freedom Technique, My Breast Cancer Journey, The Ketogenic Diet and Symptoms – or Messages?

The book is designed to be read through in its entirety at least once, and then it becomes a helpful reference guide with aromatherapy recipes, details of essential homeopathy and Bach flower remedies, a complete self-help Candida guide, a complete guide to fallacies, a mini crystal directory, a list of essential vitamins and minerals including deficiency symptoms and much more!

Feedback received so far:

“I am look forward to getting the 2nd edition (your last book felt like being with a caring friend that wanted what’s best when I was reading it, and it helped me a lot last year)” – Yvonne

“The overall feel of the book is one of love, compassion, hope and self-empowerment. It will bring light to anyone who is searching for alternative healing. I will certainly treasure it as a valuable reference book.” Marion, Swansea.

Paperback Edition:
ISBN: 978-0-9575952-1-7; PUBLISH DATE: 27th February 2017; FORMAT: Paperback; PAGES: 502; SIZE: A5; ILLUSTRATIONS: 27 b/w images; PRICE: £14.95 (free UK P&P)

PDF Edition:
ISBN: 978-0-9575952-3-1; PUBLISH DATE: 15th February 2019; FORMAT: PDF; PAGES: 504;
ILLUSTRATIONS: 27 colour & b/w images; PRICE: £5.00 (no P&P)


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Would you like your copy signed?
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Meditations for Yoga CD

Guided meditation CD written and recorded by myself, containing 6 guided meditations inspired by Yoga and Mindfulness.

The first meditation is full descriptive guidance on the Savasana posture (also known as Corpse Pose) which is considered the most beneficial posture for meditation and for allowing the muscles to recover after practice. Using your CD programme feature you may play this before your chosen meditation without interruption.

The other 5 meditations are each approximately 15 minutes long making them ideal for the relaxation and meditation part of your Yoga practice either in class or at home.

If you do not practice Yoga, you may still benefit from this CD as the length of the meditations are perfect for beginners.

Track Listing:

Savasana – comprehensive guidance on entering Savasana
Countdown – count down from 10 to total relaxation
Mindful Breath – including a track specifically formulated to relax your breathing and heartbeat
The River Boat – send your worries and cares down the river!
Chakra Flowers – healing through the Chakras
Healing Meadow – your own sacred healing place in the meadow

Click here to download a small sample of the introduction to the Chakra Flowers track (it should open in your default audio player)

Total running time approximately 74 minutes.

PRS-FREE so you do not need a licence to play this CD publicly or in a class!

EAN no: 5-060250-420398
Cost: £7.95


Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast)

A SCOBY in organic starter tea (a mix of green and black tea) for brewing Kombucha (fermented tea drink full of probiotics and enzymes). Each time kombucha is brewed, a new SCOBY will grow on top, meaning that one SCOBY will lead to many more!

My SCOBYs are 10cm in diameter and approximately 0.5cm thick. They have all been grown by myself from organic tea (3 parts green to 1 part black) and come in some starter tea. They will stay alive as long as they are kept in some starter tea. I send full instructions on brewing unflavoured kombucha and keeping your SCOBY alive and kicking! There are also instructions on my blog website HERE.

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