Lloyd and I on Richplanet TV

This is a new service and is offered primarily by Jitsi (online meeting).

My husband Lloyd and I are excited to offer support sessions based on German New Medicine. This is ground-breaking science into the true nature of disease and the irrefutable link between unexpected trauma (known as conflict shock) and disease. For more information please view the show we recorded introducing GNM here: Richplanet TV

These sessions are ideal for finding conflicts related to any symptoms or conditions you are currently facing, and offering advice on what you can do to resolve conflicts and move forward in your healing. As we have both carried out over 15 years of research into nutrition, detox, supplements and health products, we can guide you in making wise choices that will be supportive to your body and the healing process. We work together compiling a timeline of events if necessary and find out where you are in the biological programme so we can most efficiently advise you. We can also show you some self help tools such as EFT and muscle testing if we feel that this would be beneficial for supporting your healing.

Sessions are also ideal if you have been learning or researching GNM for yourself and have some questions about GNM in general, or would like to discuss GNM in relation to practising your therapy with GNM principles or integrating it into your beliefs. You may also wish to join the GNM UK Community on Facebook (click HERE) and attend one of our GNM events listed in the events section.

What we can offer: As a nutritional therapist and kinesiologist, I am able to bring these modalities into the session using GNM principles. Lloyd is currently studying for a diploma in Life Coaching and therefore the advice may be complemented by life coaching tools.

Cost: Sessions are charged at £50 for an hour, plus £10 per 15mins thereafter, offering you flexibility. This includes a follow-up email containing links for further info, and a link to a downloadable recording of the session. If you would like a written summary report of the session with recommendations, I can offer this at an extra half hour (£20). You can state a time limit at the time of booking or at the start of your session if you wish. We will book an hour by default unless a different time is requested. Additional time can be added if our diaries allow, and we can also book shorter sessions if you wish. Card payment is taken either in advance through a checkout link given when your booking is confirmed, or over the phone at the end of your session.

Please view my calendar, or contact me for additional availability if you wish to book an online session. 

Lloyd and I have both studied GNM together, and both attended the International Training Conference. While we both gain confidence in practising GNM, and Lloyd gains confidence in working with clients himself, we have decided to offer these sessions initially with both myself and Lloyd.

PLEASE NOTE: While there is no official training for GNM, therapy insurance is not available purely for GNM Therapy so your session needs to include an insurable therapy or modality. However, the GNM sessions will always be primarily focused upon GNM.

By requesting an online session you are indicating your agreement to the following disclaimer. We will also verbally read out a disclaimer at the start of your session and ask you to agree. Sessions may be recorded for yours and our protection, and for our further assessment of your case (never shared with anyone).

DISCLAIMER: GNM online sessions are for education and information only. Advice is not intended to be a replacement with that of a medical practitioner. Please do not stop any prescribed medications before speaking to your prescribing health professional. Any decisions made must be your own responsibility based on all the information available to you.

ABOUT JITSI: Jitsi is an alternative to Zoom and is often best used on Firefox browser, though I find it ok with Chrome, some have found the video does not work for them when using other browsers. If these sessions prove popular, I will consider moving over to Zoom, but the free version of Zoom only allows 40minute sessions!