My Availability Calendar 

My available appointments are shown below, other times are unavailable. Appointments can be taken between 9am and 4pm and by default at the moment I accept one appointment in the morning at 10am and one in the afternoon at 1pm which allows enough time for a full consultation. If a shorter session is booked such as Reiki, or different times, I may change the appointment times for that day to free up some more sessions.
I can sometimes be flexible and offer earlier morning or early evening appointments. I generally do not work on weekends, but if you really cannot make a week day appointment, contact me and I can see if a weekend appointment is possible. I need to charge a supplement for out of hours appointments as I need to travel especially to the warehouse and open up, and to cover extra heat/light/electric. (The heating to my room is dependent on heating the entire warehouse and this is switched off at 4pm when it closes).
I can generally only take appointments for Reiki attunements during week days from 10am or 12noon as these appointments tend to run about 4-5 hours. Distance appointments can be made during the evenings. I do have a degree of flexibility but these are my preferred working hours.