Nutritional Therapy is offered as a part of my Natural Health with Kinesiology sessions.

Diet & Nutrition
If I feel that your issues are through diet and nutrition, or that a deficiency or toxicity is causing your symptoms, I will assess different supplements and remedies and offer advice through an evaluation of your diet.
I do not have any pre-determined beliefs or opinions on diet such as being pro-vegan or anti-gluten as many other nutritional therapists have. Instead I offer advice that is formulated specifically for your body’s metabolism and needs. As I have studied epigenetics and nutrigenomics as part of my diploma, I can give advice on the foods that may help any conditions you may have. I can offer you an eating plan and also advise you on anything that you are eating, taking or using in your everyday life which may be contributing to any conditions you may have.

Hair Mineral Analysis
If we feel it is required, I can offer a hair mineral analysis test. This will determine whether you have any deficiencies or imbalances plus also tests for heavy metal toxin levels such as mercury and aluminium. This is at an extra cost.

Through my professional research into detox methods and products, I can offer advice on the many methods that may be beneficial for your conditions, circumstances and lifestyle.

Recommended Products
Obviously my expertise and knowledge is going to be based around the products I sell in my shop. This is because I only choose the best possible availability of products that have been tried and tested on a personal level for my shop, and therefore this will naturally be the products I suggest. The prices in my shop are very competitive and have all been researched thoroughly. Additionally my clients can receive a generous discount on most items. However I would never tie you in to buying products that I sell and you are free to source your own products if you wish.

The Sessions

Please see the Natural Health Consultation with Kinesiology and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for more information.


Metabolic Typing Test
It is my firm belief that we are all different and we therefore require a different balance of nutrients to thrive. To ascertain your correct balance of nutrients I offer Metabolic Typing through an extensive 65-question quiz that is the result of over 100 years research completed by William L. Wolcott. The research included studies in specific nutrition required based upon blood type, metabolism, oxidizing rate and individual reactions to foods.

The questionnaire is available online which you can complete using the following link. It is a series of 65 multi-choice questions, which is much more thorough that other free tests I have come across. Once completed your results will be automatically emailed to me and I will assess them and email your nutritional profile to you. There will be an option for donation to support my work and time in offering this service once the programme is updated, however if you wish to donate in the meantime you may use the Paypal button at the top right of the screen. It is not required as I will offer the basic service for free, however please consider donating for a faster and more personalised service! Please allow up to 5 days for results to be assessed and sent to you.

To go to the questionnaire please click HERE