symbolThis is the most common and traditional form of Reiki used in the West. Many other styles of Reiki Healing require attunement to Usui Reiki, many to Master level. Usui Reiki is so-called as it was re-discovered by Dr Usui, a Christian teacher who went in search of an answer to his student’s many questions about how Jesus performed his healing.

Private in-person Attunements

My in-person Reiki Healing attunements include a full Reiki Healing session, discussion on the manual, and training on how to give a Reiki Healing session including how to prepare yourself and the treatment room. They usually last about 5 hours.

Level 1 (shoden) – £120
Level 2 (Okuden) – £175
(returning) or £200 (new – previous certification to level I must be shown)
Master/Teacher Level (Shinpiden) – £250
(returning) or £300 (new – previous certification to level II must be shown)

(you may reduce the fee by £20 if you do not want to include the full healing session, although this is very helpful to kick start your healing process)

It is possible for up to 3 people to share the attunement session, there is a 25% reduction on the above prices per person for shared sessions. If the sessions is shared, the length of time required will lengthen as each will receive a Reiki Healing session while the other/s watch for guidance on giving a healing.

Distant Attunements

Distant attunements will last for about 30 minutes. You need to sit still, quiet and undisturbed for this time. You will receive a manual and certificate by email for you to print. An embossed colour certficate is available by post for £5 extra, or a printed A5 Reiki booklet and certificate for £7.50 extra.

Level 1 (Shoden) – £30
Level 2 (Okuden) – £40 (returning) £50 (new)
Master/Teacher Level (Shinpiden) – £50 (returning) £60 (new)

Reiki Workshops/Courses 

I run Reiki Tuition Workshops/Courses at my healing room in Caerphilly, South Wales for small groups of 2-4, or at a local community centre, village hall or other venue for larger groups of up to 10.  I can run single day or weekend courses.
Single day courses are run 9.30am – 6pm and the weekend courses are run 10am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday (sometimes extended to 4pm for larger groups). The training will include healing, preparing the room, protection, scanning the body, the aura and chakras, a healing from myself, the attunement, lots of practice giving and receiving Reiki healing, and maybe more depending on the level and style of Reiki. These topics can go into a lot more detail and practice during the weekend course as we have more time.
Only 1 level of Reiki is covered per course. This is very important to prevent cleansing crisis, chakra damage/burnout and other possible negative effects from receiving too much too soon without the essential self-healing and cleansing processes between each level. Attunements are powerful procedures that should not be taken lightly!
Prices include a colour manual and certificate, light healthy snacks and refreshments.

Level 1 (Shoden) – £120
Level 2 (Okuden) – £150 (returning) £180 (new)
Master/Teacher Level (Shinpiden) – £250 (returning) £300 (new)

At present, while I put together a schedule for 2017 for day or weekend courses, please register your interest by emailing or calling me, if you are interested in attending!