Lineage shows the path of the attunement, passed down from the person who originally channeled it, resulting in my attunement. Once you receive your attunement, simply add your name after mine and this will be your lineage.
It is a misconception that it is better to have a shorter lineage. After all, each attunee is directly connected to the source and not through a chain of teachers to the source!!

Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho
Dr Mikao Usui – Dr Chujiro Hyashi – Mrs Hawayo Takata – Phyllis Lei Furumoto – Claudia Hoffman – Mary Shaw – Christine Henderson – Bruce Way – Neal Lyster – John Pickering – Martin Lee – Gary Steadman – Stephen Lovering – Danielle Bryant

Imara Reiki
Barton Wendel – John Van Eekelen – Stephen Womack – Allison Dahlhaus – Dawn Rothwell – Pamela Jordan – Stephen Lovering – Danielle Bryant

Reiki Psychic Attunement
Steve Murray – Stephen Lovering – Danielle Bryant

Please note that I have received all my attunements distantly. If you are wanting to join a Reiki association once you are attuned, you will need to check their terms to see if they accept a lineage with distant attunees.