The therapies and combination of therapies I offer can be as individual as the client, and while there is often a specific way I have found to work best as a starting point, the correct path for each client is as varied as can be! Some clients just want somewhere to go for support and maybe a little ‘me time’, for which I can offer Reiki, Reflexology or just a MOT check to see if what they are currently doing is right for them. While some want to delve deeply into their issues and tackle them with a natural, holistic approach. If you need help in choosing what therapy is right for you, please go to my page Which Therapy to Choose? for some advice.

Combination Sessions
I am happy to combine therapies to suit the individual, and we often discuss this and put together a plan at your first session. There are some excellent therapy ‘synergies’ which work so well together that I now offer them as standard sessions.

Natural Health with Kinesiology – is primarily a combination of Nutritional Therapy with Kinesiology and introducing any other therapy as required. I use kinesiology to assess everything going on in body, mind, emotions and spirit and always work within the principles of German New Medicine to support the natural healing of the body and mind. Depending on what is needed, we will usually agree upon a way forward with one or more of my therapies. Our bodies know what they need, and I have found that tapping into this information through kinesiology, dowsing and intuitive responses are the best way of finding your true and most effective path to well-being!

Reiki with Emotional Release Work – a combination of kinesiology, EFT, acupressure and meridian work, where we can either focus upon certain issues and deal with the causes of these to help you and your body to cope with the conflict, or simply ask the body what it is ready to release at that time. This is followed by a balancing and relaxing Reiki session.

More information is in the specific pages for these therapy combinations.

Booking Specific Therapies
If you wish, you can book a specific therapy. I take bookings for Reiki sessions and Reflexology as separate therapies. However, if I feel there are issues that may be helped in other ways, I am happy to discuss these with you at the time.

I am not offering the other therapies separately simply because there is so much overlap between them. However, if you attend a consultation and specifically want to follow a certain path such as homeopathy we can certainly look at incorporating your wishes into the plan!

Please see the individual therapy pages for more information.

Treating People with Cancer
Many therapists won’t treat people with cancer, as it is illegal in the UK to claim or offer to treat or cure cancer due to the Cancer Act of 1939. However, this is not how I work. I am happy to offer sessions to cancer patients as I work with the person and not the disease. I can use kinesiology to identify imbalances such as deficiencies or toxicities, or any other issues that may prevent or hinder the body’s natural process, and therefore ensuring your body can better cope with any other treatment you opt for. For this I would recommend the full consultation with kinesiology. Alternatively, I can simply offer you some time-out and emotional support through a relaxing and comforting Reflexology or Reiki session.

Cost of sessions are all roughly based upon £35 per hour, Homeopathy and Bach flower remedies are sometimes included in the price or charged minimally, but any other treatments in the form of supplements, minerals, hair tests etc are charged extra (usually at a discount to the RRP). The actual prices can be found on the specific pages.

Some of my therapy sessions can vary greatly in length from client to client. So often it is very difficult to price sessions fairly for both myself and my client. So on the price list you will notice a few therapies have price supplements to allow for adapting the session to suit the needs of the client. Others have fixed prices, this generally being for therapies that follow a similar format for each client. Follow-ups may then be bespoke and often individually priced depending on what you want, need and can afford.

All my services are offered from a beautiful therapy room at Lotus Therapy Centre above Shop Holistic in Bedwas, near Caerphilly (CF83 8GF).