Natural Holistic Health Consultations
These consultations have been formulated to assess everything going on in body, mind, emotions and spirit, in order to treat you holistically to find balance and well-being. Our bodies know what they need and tapping into this information through kinesiology, dowsing or intuitive responses are the best way of finding your true and most effective healing path!
There is so much overlap between the Nutritional Therapy, Homeopathy, Allergy testing, Kinesiology, even the Hair Mineral Testing. I would almost certainly perform the kinesiology muscle testing to test for foods, supplements, and the like in a Nutritional Therapy session, and to test for the correct remedy in a Homeopathy session. Likewise, I may need to look at your diet to see if there are any anomalies that need addressing if you came along for a homeopathy or kinesiology session. So I was finding that these sessions kind-of morphed into a similar integrated approach, assessing what the body needed at the time. I therefore decided to offer the Natural Holistic Health Consultation. This is by far the route I would most highly recommend.

I will most often do a kinesiology muscle testing on you to assess the status of your body, and to test certain remedies, potential allergy foods, etc. as part of this consultation, along with all other information you are happy to provide so we can discuss what the best treatment plan and way forward would be.
More information is in the specific page for Natural Holistic Health Consultations.

Booking Specific Therapies
reflex2Of course, if you wish, you can book a specific therapy. You are able to book Reiki Healing or Reflexology as separate therapies as they can be fairly diagnostic enabling me to assess the status of your health and are a complete holistic service in themselves. However, if I feel there are other issues that may be helped in other ways, I am happy to discuss these with you at the time. A good example would be EFT helping you alongside Reiki, which can be an excellent synergy!

I am not offering the other therapies separately simply because there is so much overlap between them as I have explained above. However, if you attend a consultation and specifically want to follow a certain path such as homeopathy, EFT, etc. we can certainly look at incorporating your wishes into the treatment plan!

Cost of sessions are all roughly based upon £30 per hour, Homeopathy and Bach flower remedies are sometimes included in the price or charged minimally, but any other treatments in the form of supplements, minerals, hair tests etc are charged extra (usually at a discount to the RRP). The actual prices can be found on the specific pages.

Some of my therapy sessions can vary greatly in length from client to client. So often it is very difficult to price sessions fairly for both myself and my client. So on the price list you will notice a few therapies have price ranges (min to max) to allow for adapting the session to suit the needs of the client. Others have fixed prices, this generally being for the first consultation which will follow a similar format for each client. Follow-ups may then be bespoke and often individually priced depending on what you want and need.

All my services are offered from a beautiful therapy room at Lotus Therapy Centre above Shop Holistic in Bedwas, near Caerphilly (CF83 8GF).