Below is a summary of my basic tariff. Prices have been updated as of March 1st 2022.

Combined Therapies & Kinesiology:

  Natural Health with Kinesiology
  (combined Nutritional Therapy & Kinesiology with German New Medicine principles):

First Session (up to 2hr 30mins) – £100*
If you prefer, I can spilt the initial consultation and first session as follows:
          – Initial Consultation Only (up to 1hr) – £40
– First Kinesiology Session (up to 2hrs) – £75
Mini Follow-up (optional consultation only, up to 1hr) – £35
As your follow-up will generally be in a month, this is offered if you wish to have a small session in between your initial appointment and follow-up to check everything you are doing is ok and address any problems you are having. 
Follow-up Sessions approx 1hr 30min – £55*
Follow-up with Reiki/Reflexology/Massage 2hrs – £75
Follow-up session ending with a relaxing Reiki, Reflexology or Back & Shoulder Massage (time spent on therapy may be dependent on time needed for follow-up, but I aim it to be at least 30mins)

  Overtime *£10 for each additional half hour required

  Wellness Package – £180 (paid up front at first session)
Includes:First Kinesiology Session, 1.5hr Follow-up Session PLUS a 1-hour session of your choice (e.g. Mini Follow-up, Reiki, Reflexology) 

  Express ‘MOT’ Kinesiology Check – up to 1hour – £40
  An ‘express’ version of the full consultation where most common deficiencies, toxicities, sensitivities and other problems are tested for. Ideal for a quick     assessment targeting a specific problem and particularly an acute (more recent) problem, rather than having a thorough overhaul of your health. (Please note that it may necessary that you will need to return for a second session to complete the testing if the problem is chronic (longer term) or more complex than first thought).

Online GNM Consultations (with myself and Lloyd) – £60 for 1hr then £10 per extra 15mins
(please see information page for more info)


Reiki with Emotional Release Work – 1.5hrs – £55
(Combined kinesiology, EFT, & Reiki)

In-person Reiki Sessions (includes chakra balance)
Full session (1 hour) – £35

Distant Reiki Sessions
30mins – £20

Reiki Tuition up to Master/Teacher level – approx 5hrs  –  Not Currently offered

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis:

Hair Test only with summary report – £90 with full report – £150
Follow-up Phone/Skype Consultation (can include dowsing) – charged at £5 per 10 minutes

Hair Test and Consultation with kinesiology (1.5-2 hrs)
includes report and receommendations given at your consultation

Specific Therapies & Other Services:

Reflexology – up to 1hr 15mins  –  £35


1-2-1 Yoga & Classes – not currently available

Further Information

Out of hours/Evening appointments are currently not available: I generally take appointments between the hours of 9.30am – 4pm, Monday-Thursday.

Session times include a consultation before your therapy, and some time at the end of your treatment for recovery, questions and any guidance needed over a much-needed glass of filtered water!
PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes sessions will last shorter or longer than expected due to the work needed at the time. To ensure you are charged fairly, if it looks like the session will take longer than expected, I will give the option of extending your session if possible at a rate of £10 per half hour.
If you are on a budget, or you need a time limit set due to other commitments, please let me know at the time of booking so I can tailor your session accordingly!

If you are booking a First Natural Health/Kinesiology Session, it is helpful if you arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment so you can fill out a health record form in advance to save valuable time during the session (or you can print, complete and bring with you – click here: Client Health Info Form). This isn’t needed for the Express ‘MOT’ service as you only need to fill out a shorter form for that.

Payments for sessions are payable at your session in cash or debit and credit card. Or you may pay by Paypal using the link Any items needed from Shop Holistic can be paid by cash or card. I am happy to consider payment terms if you need a lot of supplements!

Reminders: I will endeavour to send you a reminder of your appointment usually the day before by text, email or Facebook message (however you contacted me to make the booking), but please do not rely on this! Please reply as soon as possible if you need to change it.

Booking Conditions: 

I need to put the following policies in place due to previous bad experience as I often travel to my therapy room specifically for your session, and work my home-schooling schedule and Shop Holistic duties around my bookings. So missed and late appointments can be costly and extremely inconvenient for myself and my family. I am also often booked up a couple of weeks at a time, and your appointment could have been taken by someone who needs to see me quickly.

Late arrivals: I should probably still be able to see you, but may not be able to give you the entire time. This could mean the increased likelihood of having to return to complete the session. For treatments with price ranges which are charged dependent on time spent, this time will be measured from the booked start time of your appointment, and not your arrival time.

Cancellations: Please give me as much notice as possible and a minimum of 24hrs notice to cancel or change your appointment. Same day cancellations are subject to £30 charge.

Missed appointments: It is my policy to charge full price for missed appointments with no notice, as I’ve explained, missed appointments are extremely detrimental for me.

Location: Lotus Therapy Centre, above Shop Holistic Ltd, Unit 30 Venture Wales, Bedwas House Ind Est, Bedwas, Caerphilly CF83 8GF