Everyone is different, and therefore will have different needs. As much as possible, I adapt my sessions to suit the individual. Below is a summary of my basic tariff for your first session. Follow-up sessions may be charged differently as these sessions will be devised according to your needs, and this will be discussed and agreed between us in advance.
Also see the information in the individual sections, as this will give you a better idea of what each session entails.

Please note: Purchases from Shop Holistic can be made by card, however payment for consultations needs to be paid in cash.

Full Natural Holistic Health Consultation – up to 1.5hrs –  £50
(making changes for Optimum Health, Relief from Chronic Complaints, improved Longevity and Disease Prevention – includes Nutritional Therapy & kinesiology)

Therapeutic Massage – 30mins extra – +£15 extra
offered as a student at present, and only available if needed during a full consultation or follow-up by agreement
Follow-up Sessions / Kinesiology ‘MOT’ check / Follow-up Telephone/Skype Consultations – £20-£50 (roughly £30 per hour)
The cost for follow-up sessions and what is included will be determined at your consultation, and agreed together in advance.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair Test only with full report – £85 (results by email – £2.50 extra for results by post)
Follow-up Phone/Skype Consultation (can include dowsing) – charged at £5 per 10 minutes

Hair Test with Follow-up Consultation (includes kinesiology) – £125 (includes report by email before your consultation so you can go through it and write down any questions, and a paper report at your consultation)

1 x Initial Consultation (approx 1hr) with Preliminary kinesiology checks
1 x Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with report
1 x Full Consultation with kinesiology to go through the results

Reflexology – up to 1hr 30mins  –  £30-£35

Reiki Healing – 1hr  –  £30

Reiki Tuition up to Master/Teacher level – approx 5hrs  –  from £100
See individual attunement pages for prices of levels/styles

Emotional Freedom Technique – up to an hour  –  £20-£30

Angel Guidance Reading (sometimes includes EFT) – 45mins-1hr  –  £25-£30

Session Times
Session times include a consultation before your therapy, and some time at the end of your treatment for recovery, questions and any guidance needed over a much-needed glass of filtered water!

If you are booking a Full Natural Holistic Health Consultation,  please arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment so you can fill out a health record form in advance to save valuable time during the session!

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes sessions will last shorter or longer than expected due to the work needed at the time. The price ranges given take this into account and give the minimum and maximum price to ensure you are charged fairly.

If you are on a budget, or you need a time limit set due to other commitments, please let me know at time of booking so I can tailor your session accordingly!