My husband Lloyd and I are planning to travel in 2020 to give presentations on German New Medicine, and half-day workshops with a presentation on German New Medicine, and this can be followed by a demonstration and mini workshop on muscle testing.

If there isn’t an upcoming event within a reasonable distance to you, and you are interested in having a talk or workshop in your area, please subscribe HERE providing your area where requested!

If you can help with arrangements:

If you are interested in helping me to arrange an event in your area, please contact me at

Below are the requirements, and information I will need when you contact me:

TIME: In 2020, we are planning to travel in May and June, and possibly July. Our researcher friend, Richard D Hall has offered to promote our events at his talks and this will be after his UK speaking tour. So please let me know if there are any dates when you are not available during that time.

VENUE REQUIREMENTS: would need to hold at least 50 people and preferably have refreshments available. Such as a community/church hall or sports club function room are ideal. We’d need a white screen or large tv screen. We have a projector. Cost needs to be minimal, so we can keep the ticket cost reasonable.

ACCOMMODATION: Any accommodation recommendations are gratefully received. We also have the option of bringing our touring caravan, if there is a local camp site! Less than 2hrs travel from South Wales wouldn’t require accommodation unless it was part of a tour.

PROMOTION: we can supply flyers and posters and would appreciate any help in promoting the event in your area!

APPRECIATION: To show our appreciation, you will receive 4 free tickets (evening) or 2 free tickets (mini event) and a signed copy of my book!
Alternatively, if you want to arrange everything yourself and cover venue hire cost, assess your own ticket price, etc, or if you would like us to talk and attend a pre-arranged event (such as a health show), we can work out a set price to cover our costs.

Thank you for your interest!