I know it can be so confusing knowing which therapy would be the right path for you! So I have put together some tips here which will hopefully help you!
I am happy to work with you as much or as little as you want me to, however it is not my place to be someone who you give all your own power to – in other words, I will not make decisions for you, and neither will I expect you to solely rely upon me! My path is that of empowering others – I help you to help yourself. I guide and advise, but the decisions you make are your own, and you are your own healer! I will let you know if I am able to assist you in different ways than what you have asked for, but will never persuade you or hard sell as it is your path and your decision on how you manage your health!

To find the therapy that may suit you, begin by answering the following questions truthfully:

1. What is it you really want?

  • Do you want something to help you feel better, as a complimentary to what you already be doing?
  • Do you want to get to the root cause of what is happening to you at the moment?
  • Do you want an overhaul of your current life, and are ready to make lifestyle and diet changes?
  • Are you just looking for a quick fix (as we may have become accustomed to with the pharmaceutical approach)?

If you are looking for a complimentary therapy
, and are not ready for (or do not wish to) make any changes to your lifestyle, then booking a session of Reiki or Reflexology will likely be the most beneficial for you. If your problem is due to a deficiency or toxicity, you may not be directly addressing the root cause of your condition or symptoms like you would be with supplements or dietary changes, however both Reiki and Reflexology address imbalances in a different way and this may be what you need at this time. Many people find a lot of benefit and relief from these sessions alone.

If you are looking to commit to making some changes to hopefully get to the root cause of your issues, and find a natural health and nutritional approach to easing them, I recommend beginning with a Natural Health consultation. We can look together at your health information and path and decide what is right for you. The following Kinesiology session can assess any nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, emotional issues are causing or contributing to your problems and find remedies such as supplements and healing techniques that will help to rebalance. If you are not local or would like something more tangible or scientific that you can actually see in black and white (well, colour actually!) then you could opt for a Hair Mineral Analysis Test. You do not have to commit to move forward to the full Kinesiology session if you decide to just move forward with Reiki or Reflexology!

If you are looking to simply target a specific problem only, a natural replacement for a pharmaceutical drug or some emotional releasing, you could book an express kinesiology session. This will require some commitment on your part too. While the full kinesiology/consultation would delve deeper, and may be needed at a later session if your symptoms are due to multiple causes, an express session focused upon your issue may be sufficient. A Hair test may also help to determine what is going on.

If you are looking for a quick fix, I am probably unable to help you, as holistic and natural approaches are often a little more involved. However, improvements may often be felt quite quickly in some circumstances such as a severe deficiency, although others can be more gradual over time. So, as there is no guarantee that there will be a ‘quick fix’, I am unable to commit to this statement!

2. How are you Feeling?

It also depends on how you feel, and whether you feel ready to help yourself and make changes. I know this can be a sticking point as I have experienced this myself in the past – we need to be ready and feel a degree of determination and hope to make the changes and stick to them! If you feel this may apply to how you feel at the moment, maybe we could begin with a complimentary therapy such as Reiki or Reflexology and introduce kinesiology at a later session. However, oftentimes, the feeling of not being ready is due to something I may pick up at a kinesiology/consultation, and following my recommendations may just be enough to give you the ‘oomph’ you need!

Still Unsure? We can be flexible!
If you are really not sure, then you can give me a email or you can book an Initial Consultation with meas metnioned above, when we can go through everything and work out together what is best. The initial consultation is usually the start of the full kinesiology/natural health service, but we can proceed from there however we decide to. I can give you advice and ‘homework’ to start you off on your healing journey, or as long as my schedule allows, we can continue with a longer session if need be. I do not have a conveyor belt of clients throughout the day so I can normally be flexible, however I do have other commitments I need to allow for too. If you would like to be flexible, it is best to book a session in the afternoon as there is less likely to be another client booked in after you.

Alternatively, book a session for Reiki or Reflexology and let me know you are considering kinesiology. I can then explain the kinesiology and do a few tests for most common causes, then follow on with your Reiki/Reflexology, or even continue on with an initial consultation to progress to kinesiology instead. I charge by time spent, so £10 per extra half hour to the original session length, so as long as my diary allows we can be flexible.

I hope this helps you decide what is best for you, and you are always welcome to email or call for advice after having considered these above points!

PLEASE NOTE – due to the EU Health Claims Directive I am unable to give specific advice on whether a therapy can help certain conditions, but I will be able to tell you what has been known to help my other clients who may have had similar problems!