All modalities of medicine, health and healing, whether they are conventional, complimentary or alternative, are based upon the idea that disease and symptoms are a malfunction of the body which, if we do not intervene with a treatment, will spread and run awry.

The following information is based upon 40 years of scientifically and clinically correlated research by Dr. med.Ryke Geerd Hamer. Dr Hamer was a German doctor who developed testicular cancer shortly after his son Dirk died after being accidentally shot. He wondered if the cancer was linked to the shock of losing his son, and after discovering all his cancer patients had also experienced unexpected, traumatic shocks before their disease occurred, he set about his research and what was originally termed German New Medicine was born.

After analysing over 40,000 cases, Dr Hamer discovered the purpose of every so-called ‘disease’ and each case obeyed ‘Five Biological Laws of Nature ’. The science of German New Medicine is anchored in the science of embryology (the development of the embryo) and follows evolutionary logic. His research proves without doubt that disease is not a malfunction of our body but meaningful biological programmes set into motion by a specific conflict shock or trauma (which he calls a DHS or Dirk Hamer Syndrome after his late son Dirk). The shock causes a lesion in the brain at the control relay of a specific body part that is instrumental in assisting our survival in coping with the specific trauma experienced. He also discovered that all of these biological programmes run in 2 phases, a conflict-active phase and a healing phase which runs after the conflict is resolved, and this is when most symptoms will occur. This means that when we experience symptoms, we are actually healing and not malfunctioning!

Conventionally, we want to stop our symptoms and move away from them. True healing exists when we embrace our symptoms as the healing they are, feeling relief that our conflict has been resolved. Moving through our symptoms, and therefore through the healing, and understanding what to expect removes any fear or concern over what is happening. Working with our symptoms to allow healing to progress is paramount. Stiffness and pain cause immobility, and is our body’s way of saying “don’t move in that particular fashion as I need to heal this area”, fatigue is our body’s way of saying “rest as I need to use the energy to heal”, and so on. We can learn to listen to what our symptoms are telling us and prevent self-devaluation by having positive thoughts and attitude. This is essential as negative thinking can trigger new conflicts such as self-devaluation or existence conflicts, and exacerbate the situation.

I always work with the Biological Laws of Nature in mind and will explain to you (in as much detail as you would like) what is occurring for you at this time, including the meaning of your symptoms, and if need be, we can work together to discover the conflict shock that triggered the ‘biological programme’ to ensure it has been fully resolved. As always, kinesiology muscle testing is used to determine what is best for your healing process at this time, and we will always work with what is testing as beneficial, and in the priority order in which your body instructs us through the testing.

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