About Reflexology

Reflexology is a special type of massage that works upon the reflex points on the feet or hands. These reflex points relate to certain parts of the body through the body’s energy system such as the meridians (energy channels). Eastern medicine considers the feet as important as a ‘second heart’ and an abbreviated version of the body.

Toxins such as heavy metals, and calcium that is being carried around the body by the blood tend to accumulate at the feet due to gravity, especially if the circulation is not at its most optimum. These toxins create blockages which affect the related organs or body systems and Reflexology works by dispersing these toxins to relieve the blockages. This creates balance and a feeling of well-being which can assist the body’s own healing process.

As toxins are dispersed into the bloodstream during a session, it is important to drink plenty of water or clear fluids in the 24 hours following treatment to flush the toxins away. In some cases, you may also notice an aggravation of your symptoms, or some flu-type symptoms, emotions or tiredness in the few days following your session if there have been a lot of blockages.

Sessions will generally last about an hour, sometimes longer or shorter depending on what is uncovered. The recipient will usually feel a deep sense of relaxation and occasionally some discomfort if there is a blockage. I can work at an intensity to suit you and always adapt my session to your needs.

I will begin and end your session with relaxation techniques, advice and further support if required, and as always I create a calming atmosphere for your session. Sessions will last up to 1 hour 30mins.

I only use natural products and hand-made aromatherapy at my reflexology sessions.

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