Attunements are personal and sacred, so it is important to prepare yourself. Some like to bathe and cleanse themselves. Wear light colours as dark colours can effect your energy unfavourably.

In-person Attunements

If your attunement is in person, give yourself plenty of time to travel so you do not become stressed and anxious on the way and try to arrive a little early so you have time to adjust and de-stress from your journey. You may wish to bring a pen and notebook to take additional notes.

Distant Attunements

If you are receiving a distance attunement, put on some relaxing music and burn some incense if you wish. Make sure you won’t be disturbed, so take the phone off the hook. Sit down about 10 minutes before the scheduled time and let yourself completely relax and calm your mind. Ask your guides and Angels to protect you during the attunement.
When you are ready say either aloud or to yourself:

“I am ready to receive the ******** attunement being sent to me by Danielle Bryant.”

Then simply relax for about 30 minutes or so. You will intuitively feel when the attunement is over.

After your Attunement

Afterwards you may feel a little disorientated so give yourself some time to adjust and come back to the room. If in-person, allow penty of time for this as attunements tend to run over the alloted time and it is not a good idea to rush out into the car straight afterwards!
It is important to drink plenty of water over the next 24 hours to help your body detox as it will release emotional toxins.
If you receive a Reiki attunement heal someone (or yourself) straight away to start the flow of energy (this will be part of your training session if you are being attuned in-person).