These new and exciting sessions are a combination of kinesiology, EFT, acupressure and meridian work along with Reiki.

We begin by using kinesiology to determine what the body needs to release. This can be focusing upon a specific issue or letting the body decide for itself what it wishes to release at the time.

Either way, we will use a combination of EFT, acupressure, meridian work, kinesiology, clearing statements, or whatever your body tells us (using muscle testing) would be the most effective way to release it. If required we will ask where the emotion comes from, it could be hereditary or from a past life, and this can often be a powerful journey of self-realisation where we truly get to know ourselves.

This is followed by a balancing and relaxing Reiki session. While this combination of emotional release work followed by Reiki is fairly new (and the emotional work is my from my own development of a combination of techniques available to me), it has proven many times to be a powerful and effective synergy both for myself throughout my own journey, and for clients.

The sessions will last for approximately 1.5 hours. It will be roughly half hour emotional release followed by an hour Reiki session, though I tend to do what I am guided to do at the time!