Homeopathyhomkit is offered as a part of my Natural Health with Kinesiology sessions.

Homeopathic remedies are a system of medicine based on the theory that Like cures Like. It can be extremely effective. When the correct remedy is taken, results can be rapid, complete and permanent. They provide a completely safe holistic treatment without side effects. However, due to the way that the remedies work you may experience an initial temporary aggravation of the symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies can be taken alongside other medication without producing unwanted side effects. If we feel that homeopathy is the right path for you, I will need to assess every aspect of your condition and state of mind, or I may simply muscle test the remedy for you. The chosen remedy has to be matched to you in particular so we will look at how it is experienced, what aggravates it, what makes it feel worse and what other symptoms you experience.

I may also use other methods to find the right remedy such as kinesiology or dowsing. I am also trained in Bach Flower Remedies and I will often test for these when I feel they are necessary.

Homeopathy works in harmony with the body’s natural process and therefore can be used within the principles of German New Medicine to support the healing phase.

I may give you the remedy you require at the first consultation, or if I have not got it in stock, or need to do further research I will give it to you within a few days. Any remedies you need that I have in stock are included in the cost of the session. However any I have to order in specially will be at cost. This is generally around £5-£7, or I can give you the name of the remedy to source yourself if you want to.