This is an article on my experience of the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. It is to set the record straight regarding many misjudgements, disillusions, misconceptions, assumptions and half truths pedaled by the mainstream media, and even some from the alternative media platform regarding MMS, the Church and my involvement with it.

About MMS, CDS and the Genesis II Church….

MMS stands for Master Mineral Supplement and is a type of oxygen therapy discovered by Jim Humble. MMS is mixed with a dilute food grade acid, typically citric, to produce chlorine dioxide gas, an oxidative compound used regularly by the food industry for killing pathogens in food and drinking water. CDS is Chlorine Dioxide Solution and is when the gas is captured in water so doesn’t contain any of the original substances used to make the gas. Jim Humble started the Genesis II Church for Health and Healing to offer users of MMS protection under religious rights. MMS has been used extensively in third world countries for many years, by the Church members and even the Red Cross in the past. To date, and to my knowledge, no-one has ever been harmed by using MMS as directed.

Recent unwanted attention I have experienced….

My experience with MMS/CDS is extremely limited and I have never used it professionally and have never sold it.

Despite this, it appears I have attracted a lot of attention from the authorities and seemingly ‘anti-quack’ journalists intent on discrediting the church and any supporters it has. On 19th July 2017 the National Food Crime Unit threatened to take my website down if I didn’t remove the CDS Product from my website, despite it being obsolete and unavailable. Within a few days my natural health shop was raided by Trading Standards and the FSA (of which the National Food Crime Unit are a part) and within a few days after that came the journalists from various agencies who have attempted to entrap me with leading questions on my involvement, and almost made me feel like I am breaking the law or doing wrong in my work! They have also brought in leading questions regarding my breast cancer journey, and anti-vaccination campaigns not concerning me, especially those linked to autism. I was told that I will be named in an article whether I comply with questioning or not and I have been contacted by phone, email and through Facebook.

Due to this unwanted attention, I have attempted to remove the very few instances of my connection with MMS and the Church from the internet, and have removed my mobile number and many other articles from my website, and stopped using my Facebook account for the time being.

So here is my story…

It was around 2011 and MMS had been coming up in mine and my husband’s natural health research quite a lot and we thought it warranted further investigation, and the only way to do this properly is to study and experience it for ourselves. As we like to go to the source of research and information, we decided to take the home study course that is run by the Genesis II Church rather than relying on Youtube tutorials for how to make and use the product. We felt this course would also help us to understand it’s discovery, the science behind it and all the Church’s research from them directly, so not relying on other’s interpretations and views. We both studied the course which was many modules of many hours of video and written texts – very scientifically detailed and extremely meticulous in the preparation, safety and usage of MMS. As I was already a therapist we decided that I would take the very lengthy exam at the end.

Upon passing the exam, I automatically became a Health Minister of the Church and gained the title ‘Reverend’. Though I have never officially left the Church, I haven’t renewed my membership with them as my intention in taking the course was for knowledge and not for supplying anyone.

After the course, my husband and I made a batch of MMS and the majority of it we made into CDS. We successfully tried the solution for mould/fungus in the house, and for cleaning/disinfectant and washing our food. I used it to purify my drinking water for about a month and found no negative effects upon taking it internally regularly, in fact I had increased energy at that time.

As we had some of the batch we made left over, I added a pack to my website of enough CDS to complete what the Church called Protocol 101, a general cleansing protocol for purifying water, and offered this free to anyone who wanted to try it. But I ended up using the rest for food and wound cleansing and having a bottle in my fridge seemed to make my fruit and veg last for much longer.

I never made any other batch of MMS, and I had forgotten the product remained on my website, as I had made it unavailable long ago due to having access to many other natural products which were easier to obtain.

I have never made any claims or formed any beliefs about MMS/CDS apart from what I have experienced for myself, and this is the extent of it!