I am currently accepting donations to raise money for a trip to Austria in September for a training conference in German New Medicine. This is suppressed research into the actual cause of diseases and health conditions that proves without exception that all diseases are ‘special biological processes’ that are actually purposeful to our bodies. The healing concept is to support the body’s processes rather than intervene and ‘fight disease’. My husband and I will be studying all the research so we can share the information over here in the UK, and I’m learning how to use this knowledge to serve my clients’ needs more effectively and efficiently, as we believe this goes hand-in-hand with kinesiology and the way in which I already work. This is very exciting as GNM claim a success rate of 98%!

I would like to stress that while this training could be seen as a commercial venture, due to its controversial nature it is unlikely something that we will be able to receive any commercial gain from. We may even receive ridicule or persecution due its sensitive nature and the shift in paradigm that is needed to fully understand it. We are purely doing this for the good of humanity, to serve my clients better and to bring the concepts and info over here where it is not well known at all.

Here are the costs of the trip (which I have searched many hours to get the costs to a minimum as the area we need to travel to is very expensive!):

  • Flights from Stansted to Salzburg (plus necessary baggage) = £236.40
  • travel from Wales = our petrol cost only, parking, lifts and overnight stay pre flight very kindly already donated by a client
  • accommodation = £450 (small studio apartment)
  • travel by public bus on arrival from airport to destination = 50 EURO
  • conference cost = 390 EURO each (with 5% discount for couples)
  • tutorial cost for additional training = 390 EURO
  • food etc
  • dog sitting = £30 per day 7 days = £210
  • TOTAL = approx £2000

If you would like to donate towards this trip, no matter how small, please pay into Paypal, you can use the following link: or just ‘send money’ to

If you do not have Paypal or wish to donate by card, you can pay by any card by going through the ‘Printing donations’ product on my shop by clicking HERE, or alternatively you can contact me and I can give you bank details for BACS bank transfer.
I can also accept donations in cash at therapy sessions or at the shop, and am putting any tips I receive towards the trip!

Paying for a Session by Card or Paypal
You can use the link below to pay for a session by card or Paypal. I much prefer cash as there are no fees, but this option is for clients who either forget to bring cash to their appointment, prefer to pay by Paypal or card, or wish to pay in advance. Please input the price as agreed at your appointment or with me beforehand. Please add £2 to the regular price to cover fees. Thank you for your understanding!

General Donations
I do a lot of voluntary work, mainly to do with sharing of information, for example: making DVDs of online tutorials for those without internet, giving free talks, hosting events, printing information leaflets, giving free advice (sometimes very lengthy) by email, sending remedies to people, etc. I am very happy to offer these sorts of things for free, if I can I will – after all, what is life if we cannot make a difference? I just ask people to pay the favour forward.

However sometimes I am asked by the person I have helped, or by people who want to support my work, if they can make a donation to cover my costs in offering the free services that I do. I have often refused in the past, but I have recently realised that some people truly WANT to give something back. So this page is for those wonderful people 🙂
If you would like to make a donation then please use this link.

What I use the money for
If there is no specific trip or training mentioned above, I will use donations for printing and postage of leaflets and information sheets to give out to those who need the information, and towards organising public awareness events, and attending other’s events and talks with leaflets and information.



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