I do a lot of voluntary work, mainly regarding the sharing of information for example, DVD copies of online tutorials for those without internet, giving free talks, hosting events, printing leaflets at my own cost, giving advice (sometimes very lengthy) by email, sending remedies to people, etc. I am very happy to offer these sorts of things for free, if I can I will – and why wouldn’t I? I just ask people to pay the favour forward.

However sometimes I am asked by the person I have helped, or by people who want to support my work if they can make a donation to cover my costs in offering the free services that I do. I have often refused in the past, but I have recently realised that some people truly WANT to give something back. So this page is for those wonderful people 🙂

If you would like to make a donation to my work, so I can cover expenses and continue offering myself for free when it’s needed, and offer concessions to people who really need my help, then you can use this button to pay into my Paypal account:

Any money raised will be paid forward, and used to cover costs of information events, printing of awareness leaflets, cost of DVDs/equipment, traveling expenses, etc.



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