Paying for a Session by Card or Paypal
You can use the link below to pay for a session by card or Paypal. I much prefer cash as there are no fees, but this option is for clients who either forget to bring cash to their appointment, prefer to pay by Paypal or card, or wish to pay in advance. Please input the price as agreed at your appointment or with me beforehand. Please add £2 to the regular price to cover fees. Thank you for your understanding!

I do a lot of voluntary work, mainly to do with sharing of information, for example: making DVDs of online tutorials for those without internet, giving free talks, hosting events, printing information leaflets, giving free advice (sometimes very lengthy) by email, sending remedies to people, etc. I am very happy to offer these sorts of things for free, if I can I will – after all, what is life if we cannot make a difference? I just ask people to pay the favour forward.

However sometimes I am asked by the person I have helped, or by people who want to support my work, if they can make a donation to cover my costs in offering the free services that I do. I have often refused in the past, but I have recently realised that some people truly WANT to give something back. So this page is for those wonderful people 🙂
If you would like to make a donation then please use this link.

What I use the money for
Usually I would use donations for printing and postage leaflets and information sheets to give out to those who need the information, and towards organising public awareness events, and attending other’s events and talks with leaflets and information.
However, I recently (August 2018) had a check up thermography scan due to my previous breast cancer journey. Unfortunately it showed very high risk/likelihood of breast cancer activity in a new area, which has been triggered by perimenopause (my previous area of concern is completely inactive). So I am currently on a strict remedy/supplement protocol in order to heal myself, which is proving very expensive. I have been asked by some of my clients if they can contribute at all, and so I have decided to post this on here. I am extremely grateful for any donations towards my healing protocol so I am able to take the best quality supplements in order that I will be quickly and effectively healed and able to continue offering my help and services to those who need my help.
While I am healing, I will still be continuing my work and free services.



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