These sessions are a complete assessment of your health, diet and lifestyle, and are primarily a combination of Nutritional Therapy and Kinesiology. I take a detailed medical and family history, and investigate any problems you are currently experiencing thoroughly with a focus on finding the cause and not just treating the symptoms. This can be very involved and I can take things as thoroughly as you wish. Often clients will be happy once they find relief, but we can continue to work on deeper issues as a prevention for recurrence if you would like me to. We work together to find the right path of treatment for you and your follow-up sessions will be entirely bespoke around your own needs which we can discuss at the time.

Kinesiology and dowsing enables me to assess any imbalances on a holistic level. You can find more information on Kinesiology on the relevant page HERE). I am also trained to analyse common medical test results, and also offer some diagnostic testing such as blood pressure, urine, hair mineral analysis, etc. These are available by arrangement.

Along with my extensive knowledge from my studies, research and my own experiences, I will work with you to find balance.

I mainly see people who are either:

1. Having persistent health problems they cannot get to the bottom of,
2. Have a diagnosed condition that they would like complimentary help for, or
3. Are on medications that they have already decided they want to reduce, and are seeking a natural compliment or alternative.*

*please note I am unable to tell you to come off prescribed medications. If you wish to stop medications you need to have already decided this for yourself and discussed it with your prescribing health care professional (who may or may not be supportive!)

I mention above about working together. I can guide and advise, and perform any energetic or physical corrections required. But it takes commitment, effort and discipline from you to follow it through! I can help to get through emotional issues that may be holding you back, but ultimately you will be your own healer! Therefore:

I am confident I can help you if:
– you are committed to making any necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle
– you actually want to become well and happy and are ready to let go of your suffering (this is a thought-provoking question, as silly as it sounds! Many people in my experience may actually have a need, comfort or purpose for their illness or condition in their lives at that time, which may hinder any improvement).

I will find it difficult to help you if:
– you are simply looking for another person to give your power to! While I am happy to offer support and guidance, you also need to help yourself.
– you are expecting a quick fix like you get with a pharmaceutical approach. Some methods take time to manifest and many supplements or remedies need to be taken regularly for maximum benefit.

Before your first consultation, I will need you to complete a health record which includes medical and family history, current symptoms or problems and other information. If you are able to print, I can email this form to you to fill out in advance. Otherwise, it can be helpful to arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment time so you can fill a form in before I see you. This saves a lot of time at your consultation so I can get more testing and work done for you, though I am happy to fill the form in with you at the start!

The regular initial consultation can generally last for around 1.5-2 hours. We begin by going through your health record and I will then perform various muscle tests on you while you are on the massage couch. You will generally not need to undress for this consultation. It is very helpful to wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movements.

Although it can vary depending on current problems, the basic tests I will do at the first consultation are:

– Full meridian tests for all organs and central and governing meridians
– nutritional deficiencies and toxicities (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, etc)
– endocrine system check (pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, etc)
– infection check (parasite, candida, fungus, virus, bacteria)
– heavy metal toxicities and radiation/EMF burden
– basic sensitivity / intolerance (gluten, lactose, casein, sugar, etc)
– if there are any hidden emotions to release

Any imbalances found will be either energy-corrected at the time, or addressed with a suitable supplement or remedy to bring back balance. Not all imbalances may be addressed if they do not test as a priority, as it may be due to a knock-on effect of another imbalance.

You will receive a lot of advice and information at your initial consultation so I provide you with a copy of my findings and advice from your session. I can also provide you with a shopping list and assist you with any purchases if you need me to.

Premium Consultation
This service allows you to book a session for the whole morning or afternoon (up to 3hrs). This gives us plenty of time to leave no stone unturned in helping you on your journey to health. It is especially useful for those who have chronic or complex health issues, a lot of past emotional trauma or who feel they just want to be unrestricted in the time you have with me. It is also ideal for those who are new to Natural Health as there may be a lot of information to go through. Booking a Premium Consultation gives me the freedom to explore your issues more thoroughly, and allow as much time as you need for going through what the imbalances we discover mean, and what your body has indicated it may require, in a relaxed and non-time-restricted manner. If you are new to natural health and nutrition, or need to completely change your diet or lifestyle, I will also have time to help you put a protocol together including suggesting sample meals and snack options, and make more detailed suggestions for lifestyle changes.

Express MOT Service
I can also offer an express kinesiology service, particularly for anyone who wants kinesiology on a budget, for those who do not have complex or chronic health issues that may need investigation, and often for those needing a follow up appointment. These sessions will be approx. 1 hour. Basically, the extra time allowed for the full consultation allows me to delve deeper into your problems, with the aim being to find the root cause. I also have time to be able to explain what I am doing and why, and give you more thorough information, whereas the express MOT sessions are more of a ‘less talking more testing’ approach as I will usually just have time to get on with the testing and tell you what is needed with a brief explanation. I will also investigate conditions, medications etc between visits if you opt for the full consultation, whereas in the express sessions I will deal with anything that is presented to me at the time. You will only be required to fill in a basic information sheet and disclaimer if you opt for the Express MOT session.

My approach is to use as little supplements and herbs as possible so as not to overburden the body. However, you may need to purchase or order a few supplements or herbs based upon what I find at your first appointment. I generally test the supplements from the cheapest option first to keep any additional costs down.  If a homeopathic remedy is needed and it is one I have, I generally only charge a minimal amount for the vial cost. Most of the products I recommend will be available in Shop Holistic, and I offer 10% off purchases at the shop, more on some products, and these can usually be purchased at the time. For more specialist supplements I use Epigenetics International and Nutri Advanced, these are generally practitioner-prescription only. Rest assured, I see supplements as a means to assist your body to help itself and you will only be taking them as a temporary measure!

It may be that you only need a first appointment and follow-up depending on what we find. Often diet and lifestyle changes, sometimes along with a few carefully selected supplements, may need to be implemented before further investigation, as so many symptoms and conditions are simply caused by nutritional imbalance.
Oftentimes, I see clients for a follow-up around 2-4 weeks depending on the plan, and thereafter for checks every few months or so.
We can take things more slowly by introducing 1 or 2 things at a time (I will test for priorities), however this would mean coming back for more follow-ups, though they will be shorter in length and therefore cost less. This option is advised if you are extremely unwell or fragile, as too much in one go can give an unpleasant Herxheimer reaction. If you are travelling to me though, or want to keep costs down, we will do as much as we can in one go.
If a plan is put in place, this may be a series of shorter sessions depending on needs. During your plan, I will often teach you to use some simple techniques that are relevant to you and will help you to help yourself, and this can be very empowering. My aim is to help you find balance as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible so you can start to live your life to the fullest! It is not my intention for you to keep on visiting me in the long term. I want to help you to feel better as quickly as possible by seeking the actual cause of your problems, and hopefully empower you to not have to be reliant on regularly seeing therapists, maybe just now and again for an MOT!

Although I can offer many therapies, services and products myself, if at any time I feel it will be more beneficial for you, or I do not feel confident that I can help you, I may suggest a referral. I have many contacts of excellent holistic therapists who I have personally had treatments from if I feel a therapy that I cannot offer is recommended, or if your problems require someone who is more of a specialist in a particular field, for example an osteopath. I would be happy to write a letter or report for them if you want me to, though I may need to charge a nominal amount for any additional time to do this.

See Price Summary page for current prices!