What is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is the study of movement and energy and has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy. One of the main techniques used in kinesiology is muscle testing where the strength of the muscles are tested in various ways. Kinesiology is an excellent way to assess the body on a deeper level, and tap into the subconscious mind so we can know what the body needs and wants! Through kinesiology we can literally ask your body anything we want to ask. In this age of an abundance of often conflicting information regarding our health, this will inevitably help you to find clarity on what is actually right for you!

How it Works
We are of an energetic nature and have an auric field. There are 14 energy channels running through our bodies called meridians. Energy (also known as Ch’i) constantly flows along the meridians when we are in a balanced, healthy state. Along these meridians are the acupuncture points. In very basic terms, if you think of the energy like electricity running through wires, these acupuncture points are like ‘switches’ and when they are blocked by something that is affecting the body such as an emotion, a substance the body is intolerant to, etc. it will cause the switch to switch off, or cause the circuit to break.

Each meridian relates to an organ, along with the Triple Warmer, Central and Governing meridians. So if there is a blockage in a meridian, the relating organ will become weakened. This can happen a long time before any physical symptoms become present so testing the meridians can help to prevent dis-ease in its earliest form. Each organ relates to an emotion and an element and so blockages can affect us holistically, and likewise emotions that are held on to can cause these blockages which can then spark a downward spiral of dis-ease within the body. An example being fear which is held and related to the kidneys. The kidneys will weaken, causing us to feel more fearful, but as kidneys are related to water and water destroys fire, the organ related to fire (ie the heart) will also fall out of balance. This will in turn cause more effects, you can see where it is heading!

So we can tell a lot from the meridians, symptoms, weakened organs, etc. and this is how most physical issues are actually caused by the emotions.

The meridians run in similar pathways to some of our muscles, and when they are blocked or out of balance, the muscle it is related to becomes weak. A kinesiologist will test the strength of muscles relating to each meridian to assess the state of balance and imbalance within the body. Muscle testing can also be used to test whether something is strengthening or weakening to the body by placing a substance, an essence of a substance, or a combination of substances into the aura of the client. In this way, remedies, foods, supplements and even emotions / statements / affirmations can be tested.

So we will assess the current state of the body by testing all the muscles to see if there are any weaknesses. If there are any weaknesses, there are various methods that can be used to bring balance back. Sometimes the Neuro-lymphatic points will be tapped or massaged, sometimes we can trace the meridian to clear blockages, or an emotional clearing technique such as EFT may be required. Often, the imbalance is due to a mineral or vitamin deficiency, a toxicity in heavy metals, a food or substance sensitivity or intolerance, a parasitic infection to name a few. In any case, muscle-testing or sometimes dowsing is used to find the cause and what the body wants in order to find balance. This could be a homeopathic remedy, nutritional changes, herbal remedies, supplements, many of which will be tested at the time to find the right one (which will be the remedy that creates strength in the weakened muscle).

Vials or actual substances are often used for determining sensitivities, remedies, issues, etc. I am often asked how the material that the vial is made, or the packaging of an item doesn’t interfere with the test and this is often a sticking point for people’s understanding and acceptance of kinesiology testing. The simple answer is that the vials are made of a stable substance that is inert to the body (such as glass) so any difference in reaction is the substance within. Also intention and focus on the contents of the vial can play a part. To reassure my clients of this I can use a blank ‘placebo’ vial to demonstrate this.

Emotion Work
Using muscle-testing from an emotional point of view, we can ask questions and use the muscle strength as positive and negative responses. The way this works is if anything is mentioned that there is an issue, the body will momentarily stress and cause a weak reaction. So we can really tap into the subconscious in this way to get to the root cause and use various methods to clear the emotion. Sometimes these emotions are hereditary and may not even be our own!

Energy Mis-match
This is a specialist ‘add-on’ to kinesiology. It assesses whether any substance, whether this is inside or outside the body, is being correctly categorised and processed by the body. This can lead to addictions of harmful substances, and sensitivities to otherwise healthful substances. I am qualified to test and correct any mis-matches I find during your session.

The consultation will generally last for around an hour or so. You will need to fill out a short information form and disclaimer, and I will then perform various muscle tests on you while you are on the massage couch. You will generally not need to undress for this consultation. It is very helpful to wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movements.

The basic tests I will do are similar to the Full consultation:

– Full meridian tests
– nutritional deficiencies and toxicities (vitamins, minerals, etc)
– endocrine system check (pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, etc)
– infection check (parasite, candida, fungus, virus, bacteria)
– heavy metal toxicities
– basic sensitivity / intolerance (gluten, lactose, casein, sugar, etc)
– emotion check

Imbalances found will be either energy-corrected at the time, or addressed with a suitable supplement or remedy to bring back balance. Not all imbalances may be addressed if they do not test as a priority, as it may be due to a knock-on effect of another imbalance. With the express service, due to the limited time, it may be necessary to return for further corrections.

I provide you with a copy of my findings and advice from your session. I can also provide you with a shopping list and assist you with any purchases if you need me to.

The Difference Between the Full Service and Express services.
Basically, the extra time allowed for the full consultation allows me to delve deeper into your problems, with the aim being to find the root cause. I also have time to be able to explain what I am doing and why, and give you more thorough information, whereas the express sessions it is more of a ‘less talking more testing’ approach as I will usually just have time to get on with the testing and tell you what is needed with a brief explanation. I will also investigate conditions, medications etc between visits if you opt for the full consultation, whereas in the express sessions I will deal with anything that is presented to me at the time.

Please see the relevant page for more info on the full session with consultation HERE

My approach is to use as little supplements and herbs as possible so as not to overburden the body. However, you may need to purchase or order a few supplements or herbs based upon what I find at your first appointment. I generally test the supplements from the cheapest option first to keep any additional costs down.  If a homeopathic remedy is needed and it is one I have, I generally only charge a minimal amount for the vial cost. Most of the products I recommend will be available in Shop Holistic, and I offer 10% off purchases at the shop, more on some products, and these can usually be purchased at the time. For more specialist supplements I use Epigenetics International and Nutri Advanced, these are generally practitioner-prescription only. Rest assured, I see supplements as a means to assist your body to help itself and you will only be taking them as a temporary measure!

It may be that you only need a first appointment and follow-up depending on what we find and how deeply you wish to delve! Often diet and lifestyle changes, sometimes along with a few carefully selected supplements, may be all that is needed, as so many symptoms and conditions are simply caused by nutritional imbalance.
I see clients for a follow-up around 2-4 weeks depending on the plan, and thereafter for checks every few months or so, however this can vary depending on what is needed.
My aim is to help you find balance as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible so you can start to live your life to the fullest! It is not my intention for you to keep on visiting me in the long term.

Although I can offer many therapies, services and products myself, if at any time I feel it will be more beneficial for you, or I do not feel confident that I can help you, I may suggest a referral. I have many contacts of excellent holistic therapists who I have personally had treatments from if I feel a therapy that I cannot offer is recommended, or if your problems require someone who is more of a specialist in a particular field, for example an osteopath. I would be happy to write a letter or report for them if you want me to, though I may need to charge a nominal amount for any additional time to do this.

See Price Summary page for current prices!