My Yoga retreats are gentle and as the name suggests, they incorporate personal healing for Body Mind & Spirit.

They are suitable for beginner to intermediate level students and are perfect for those new to retreats. The programme includes posture-work, chakra balancing & healing, Pranayama (breathwork), various meditations, chanting, Tantra Yoga, personal healing space, laughter Yoga, discussions on various aspects of Yoga including leading a Yogic lifestyle, various healing practices & Karma Yoga. We will look at detoxing and cleansing the body the Yoga way, and you will learn how to make subtle changes in your attitude and everyday life to enhance your well-being and help you de-stress.

Through guided meditations you can begin to let go of issues holding you back and help you to move forward on your path.

Handouts will be given covering anything we have discussed and covered during retreat for you to refer to after your return home.