angelI offer Angel Guidance Readings and Angel Attunements to Master/Teacher level. The Angel attunements are a way of enhancing your natural connection with the Angels. Your chakras are opened and your vibrations raised so you may find an easier connection to their energies.

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What are Angels?
Having quite a scientific mind (primarily interested in physics), I first found it difficult to accept the existence of Angels at first, despite having many encounters and signs. It was like my mind was split between scientific and spiritual, each part getting further and further away from each other as irrefutable experiences constantly challenged my need to understand how, what and why. However, throughout my studies and research these two aspects have been brought closer together until the realisation that everything is vibration, and it is the frequency of that vibration and the physical laws of energy that determine our emotions and even our lives.

So, to me, Angels are the vibrational energies that exist between us and the ‘source’, which (from my understanding) is the purest vibration of all and that which is ever existent and ever present, universal love. To be able to connect to a vibration, we need to have a similar frequency as it (a bit like tuning in to a radio channel) and I believe that is what we are doing when we connect with the Angels. The name ‘Angels’ comes from the greek word ‘Angelos’ which means ‘Messenger’. This would also explain my theory as I understand Angels to be an in-between, as their frequency is closer to ours, yet close enough to source to access. So they are like a stepping stone to the source. I also belief that deities and demi-gods are different religious concepts for the very same energies.

So that is where I come from with my beliefs!

Angel Hierarchy
There are many orders of angels, the Seraphim being the puret and closest to source, then in order, the Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels (of which order your guardian angels belong).

The Angels I work with
I work with the angels, and the archangels. There are many archangels of differing vibrations that can help with certain aspects of your life and well-being, by matching the vibration of that aspect of your self, not unlike the different crystals and essential oils, for example. The 4 archangels of presence I always invoke during sessions are Michael (protection), Raphael (healing), Gabriel (expression) an Uriel (Wisdom/truth), others I may invoke if I am guided to, a popular one being Chamuel for relationships with the self and others. I also work with Ascended Masters and Goddess cards.

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