My Angel Readings use Archangel, Goddess and Ascended Masters cards and angelcards2sometimes dowsing, depending on what I am guided to do. Unlike Tarot, I offer intuitive/channeled guidance and do not delve into your past or future. I believe this is not my business to do so! In many ways, the way in which I conduct my readings is more like spiritual life coaching.

Most frequently the reading will highlight any issues, past or present, that may be stopping you from following your true path. They can advice you on how best to deal with this and will confirm your own power to you to take control of your life. Specific Archangels may offer their assistance to you to assist you in dealing with the obstacles you are facing, and therefore help you to achieve your goals. In this way an Angel Reading can be very uplifting and empowering and can help you on the path to overcoming your difficulties once and for all.

Emotional Freedom Technique may be offered if any blockages show up. It can be a really powerful compliment to an Angel Reading!

As well as in person at shows and events, I can offer readings by email or post. For this I need a recent photo, your name and area so I can connect with you. I will then write out your reading for you and send it to you. Sometimes, if I am guided to, I hand-write the reading as further guidance can be channeled through my writing. If I write your reading out rather than type it and you have requested it by email, I will scan it and send it as an image!

Readings at events will last between 20 minutes to half an hour depending on what is discovered and discussed and the limitations of the event. Personal readings at my therapy room will last up to an hour. Distant readings by email or post will take around an hour and a half of my time.


Distant Readings
by Email: £30
by Post: £32

In Person (at my therapy room):
Full Reading (45mins – 1 hour) – £25 – £30

shorter sessions may be arranged.

Please contact me to make an enquiry and to arrange a reading!