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Making a Chembuster — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, I like your chembuster.
    When they spray heavily over your house, how long does it take to dissipate the chemtrails? Mine wasn’t able to get rid of the white haze if it was hot and humid already. Last week they sprayed one or two and the chemtrail didn’t even form, but this weekend was an onslaught and the chembuster is having trouble.

    • Hi, Thanks for your comments! Heavy spraying can take about 5-10 minutes to dissipate for us. Some stay longer than others – maybe they are spraying different mixes. Only on the odd occasion does it fail to clear the haze, however we do not get much hot and humid weather! I touched the copper piping a while ago to move it slightly and it seemed to not work so well for a few weeks after that. I think I must have disupted its energies. I gave it some more Reiki to re-charge it. It seemed to work progressively better after that and is working fine again now.
      Dani 🙂

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