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My Detox Diary — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Danielle,
    Like you, I have been on a detox/diet adjustment plan for just over a month now. My approach was a bit less analytical, and more “see what happens”-experimental. My aim was to gain energy, and to lose a few pounds, which crept on after I gave up smoking 5 months ago. I do not own scales, so I just go by how well my clothes fit and how I feel with the weight loss. Zeolite, DE and plenty of Chlorella, together with kidney support drops, are my main detox supplements.

    As a life-long vegetarian, I had worked out, that my protein intake was below requirement. I did go for whey protein concentate at first, but I found, that the really good stuff, which is not overly high in saturated fats and nasty additives like aspertame, is really expensive. I also found, that the whey protein shakes caused abdominal bloat, which was really quite uncomfortable. Then I came upon the idea of using hemp protein powder instead, which I mix with a bit of pea protein and wheat grass powder, and barley grass powder, for their respective additional benefits. This mix I add to a home made fruit or veg smoothie with a bit of coconut milk. No more bloat. I cut all starchy carbs from my breakfast (to avoid setting the day up for carb cravings), and I keep to a 50 – 75% raw diet without measuring or calorie counting. For treats I eat very dark fairtrade chocolate. My main exercise is walking, and I aim for about 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week. Wearing a step counter for a few days gives you an idea of how far you go on what walks, so you can calculate. I also wear wrist weights while doing house work, to tighten up my arms a bit, combined with some arm exercises, whenever there is an opportunity (no extra time slot required for this type of exercise).

    I have now lost most of my spare tire, hooray! But most of all, I feel a lot more energetic and focused, and able to tackle long put-off problem areas in my life.

    I think it is great to share these cleansing and detox experiences, so we can pick up new ideas from each other.

    Thanks for starting this up by making your experiences available to us!

    • Hi!
      Thanks so much for sharing your detox experience – yes I agree that it is really good to share our information and experiences as we can learn so much from each other.
      I would love to be vegetarian, but when I was veggie for a few years I was quite ill. When I studied nutritional therapy I realised that my blood and metablic type actually need animal protein and in particular high purine proteins which cannot be found in non-animal sources.
      I personally find whey protein concentrate excellent and only use the pure 100% whey protein concentrate (not isolate or any flavoured which generally includes horrid sweeteners etc). I get it from myprotein.com but I must say unfortunately it is not organic. I have not tried hemp protein but I do intend to when my whey protein stock has gone down.
      I am now a mixed type, so I have introduced some carbs back in, and things are going OK but it is triggering some cravings. I will see how it goes but I have reduced my meat intake now and opting for veggie dinners and fish more. I will take the test again in a few weeks and see if anything has changed.
      I sometimes take Asphalia which helps with sleep and is made from barleygrass and wheatgrass!
      What a great idea to use wrist weights – prevents the ‘bingo wings’ haha
      With love, Dani 🙂
      PS I am not using the scales much and have found that my clothes are fitting better, but on the occasion I have weighed my weight has gone up a little which shows my muscle must be increasing and fat reducing and also shows that weighing in itself is not the be-all-and-end-all of it!