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Yoga Cleansing (Shat Kriyas) — 3 Comments

    • Hi Thomas,
      It certainly would take a lot of practice to perform vasti – the way I have described here is the way of the true Yogi, however even in ancient times most practitioners would use an enema bag, usually made from an animal’s bladder.
      It is great to hear that meditation is helping you and it is excellent to use certain meaningful phrases as positive affirmations. By saying these to yourself they will work as subliminal messages to your subconscious mind so they are very powerful.
      Well done!
      Dani 🙂

  1. i am interested in trying the vasti colon cleanse and the sea salt stomach cleanse is vasti possible must take some practice im starting my yoga classes on tues. i ve been practising my meditation its a lovely feeling of peace im getting better at it a verse on your site i wrote it down so if i get stressed or getting angry i read it and it makes me think of meditiaon so i relax again yoga is very beneficial to every one i believe that now